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Abraham and Mary Ann Kohler Steiner

Abraham Steiner was the sixth child of John (or Johann) and Elizabeth Stauffer Steiner, a Mennonite couple both born in Alsace, France.

John, as a young non-combatant, was drafted into Napoleon’s army. During training in 1815, he and another Mennonite, John Bösiger, deserted twice, but were caught both times. The third time they escaped to Switzerland. From there John and Elizabeth emigrated to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

In 1822 John and Elizabeth moved to Wayne County, Ohio. Later they moved to rural Bluffton, when in 1834, the couple purchased 240 acres on what is today Columbus Grove Road.

John Bosiger also eventually emigrated to rural Bluffton.

John and Elizabeth’s son, Abraham, was first married to Katharina Hübscher. Katharina died three months after they were married of black typhoid fever, leaving no children.

Circa 1853 Abraham married Mary Ann Kohler Hochstettler, a young widow with an 8-month-old daughter, Susan. Mary Anne Kohler emigrated from Switzerland to America, and her father died during the voyage and was buried at sea. Mary Ann Kohler Hochstettler’s first husband, Jonathan, died May 10, 1853.

More on John Steiner Following the death of his first wife, Elizabeth, John married Anna Burkholder on Dec. 7, 1848. She was born Dec. 23, 1823. John and Anna died in rural Bluffton three days apart, one on March 3, 1865.

Jonathan and Mary Ann Kohler Hochstetler's children

Susan Hochstettler Diller Born: Sept. 18, 1852 Died: Jan. 24, 1924

Spouse: David D. Diller Born: Aug. 28, 1843 Died: Oct. 23, 1907 The couple had 10 children

Abraham and Mary Ann Kohler Hochstetler Steiner’s children

Jonathan Steiner Born: Oct. 26, 1855 Died: Sept. 11, 1890

Spouse: Salome Holdeman Born: July 24, 1859 Died: June 20, 1947

The family settled in Kansas The couple had 9 children

Catharine Steiner Born: March 28, 1857 Died: 1867

Jacob H. Steiner Born: Dec. 15, 1858 Died: Oct. 16, 1930

Spouse: Anna Diller Born: July 23, 1858 March 4, 1904 The couple had 5 children

Sarah Ann Steiner Born: March 15, 1860 Died: In infancy

Samuel W. Steiner Born: May 28, 1861 Died: Dec. 20, 1939

Spouse: Sarah Neuenschwander Born: Dec. 20, 1866 Died: Nov. 15, 1950 The couple had 6 children

Mary Ann Steiner Lugibill Born: Jan. 3, 1863 Died: May 15, 1954

Spouse: David P. Lugibill Born: May 11, 1862 Died: April 15, 1896 The couple had 8 children

Lydia Steiner Rupp Born: July 10, 1865 Died: April 1, 1950

Spouse: Benjamin Rupp Born: Aug. 19, 1862 Died: 1934 The family settled near Flanagan, Illinois The couple had 6 children

Paul Abraham Steiner Born: Dec. 10, 1867 Died: June 12, 1939

Spouse: Magdalene Gerig (sister of Susan Gerig Steiner) Born: April 17, 1870 Died: Jan. 19, 1906 The family settled near Woodburn, Indiana The couple had 6 children

Spouse: Hannah B. Gerig Born: Aug. 24, 1865 Died: Nov. 27, 1950 The couple had no children

Elizabeth Steiner Zimmerman Born: Oct. 23, 1870 Died: Jan. 25, 1906

Spouse: Menno Zimmerman Born: June 6, 1870 Died: June 10, 1944 The couple had 6 children

David Steiner Born: Date unknown Died: In infancy

Noah Franklin Steiner Born: Jan. 18, 1873 Died Aug. 15, 1948

Spouse: Susan Gerig (sister of Magdalene Gerig Steiner) Born: Oct. 11, 1895 Died: Dec. 29, 1951 The couple had 11 children


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