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An early Travel Class photo

These Bluffton women were interested in understanding the world outside Bluffton

Here's another Travel Class group photo - but from an earlier era than yesterday's 1941 photograph.

During 1961 when Bluffton celebrated its centennial, a weekly feature in the Bluffton News was “Turning Back The Clock," which included a historic Bluffton photograph.


Most of the photos in that series belonged to Eugene Benroth, a caretaker of many historic Bluffton items including photographs.


During the centennial, he had an exhibit of photos and in front of each one was a piece of paper that allowed people to add names of persons they saw in the photos. Many of the identifications resulting from that project enable viewers today to read names of persons in the photos.


This photo is a perfect example. It’s an undated photo of members of the Bluffton Travel Class. Very likely it was one of the photos Mr. Benroth displayed to invite persons to help identify.


The costumes hint that the club was enjoying a program on Holland on the day when the photographer appeared on the scene.


The 1961 publication of the photo reads: The identifications are only tentative, but they all tell us that the lady seated in front was Mrs. Walter Quaintance, and that three of the ladies in the back grow were Mrs. T. Scheid, Mrs. Harley Lugibihl and a Mrs. Murray.


The lady on the left corner of the front row was unknown, but the other four, left to right may be Mrs. Edgar Hauenstein, Mrs. Julius Wise, Mrs. W.J. Staater and Mrs. N.W. Cunningham.


Although today we hesitate to place a date on this photo, we’ve compared it to the 1941 Travel Class photo (click here to view). We found the following members in both photos:

Mrs. Edgar Hauenstein

• Mrs. N.W. Cunningham - she was a extensive world traveler, as she and her husband took one trip around the world in the decade of 1910, plus another trip that included visits to all the European countries - quite an accomplishment.

• And, the daughter of Mrs. J.W. Staater


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