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Dillinger wanted poster can have your photo

Part of Saturday's Bluffton History Day activities

If you've ever needed a wanted poster with your photo on it, Saturday is your chance to fulfill this unusual dream.

One feature of Bluffton History Day on Saturday, Aug. 12, is the availability of a print-on-site Dillinger wanted poster with your photo printed on it.

This feature will be available during the 11 a.m. and noon retelling of the Dillinger bank robbery. R.A. Staton Photography of Bluffton will take mug shots and place them on the wanted poster "while you wait." The cost is only $5 per poster.

The robbery retelling and wanted poster post opportunity takes place at the corner of Main and Church streets given by Fred Steiner. A 1930-era Chevrolet get-away vehicle will be parked along side the bank and will also be available for persons to take photos in front of the car.



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