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Gratz Shoe Store was a Main Street business

Meet Walter Gratz, owner of Gratz Family Shoe Store, 115 N. Main St., Bluffton. In the photo below look for the sign with the green background and white lettering. That's his store.

In case you need to phone the store, ask the operator for 383-W.


Check out Bluffton News Thursday, October 3, 1918 “Locher Gratz Wedding Takes Place Tuesday Morning”


Steve Hauenstein
Steve Hauenstein
Jul 24, 2023

If memory serves, Mr. Gratz sold Red Goose Shoes in his store. The advertising jingle went something like “Half the fun of having feet is Red Goose Shoes”. If your parents bought you a pair of Red Goose shoes you got to pull the handle attached to the Red Goose display and and a golden egg came out of the Red Goose that contained a prize.

This “Free prize Inside” sales tactic also worked well on me in the cereal aisle of the A&P or IGA as a kid during the late 50’s.

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