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It's the winter of 1965 and the temp is low

Let's take a brisk walk up Main Street and do some window shopping

Before we bid farewell to winter, put on your winter coat and take a walk up Main Street. It’s the winter of 1965, based upon the Ohio license plates with white background on red letters.


Looks like a 1964 Dodge Dart, probably from Steiner Dodge in Pandora, parked in front of Citizens National Bank.


Store awning are in the works, but Reistman’s Dry Goods Tot Shop has yet to install one. Incidentally, Reistman’s is a combination of its owners’ names, Reichenbach, Steiner and Lehman. Pretty clever.

Concerning the Christmas decorations, they are three decorations ago. And, check out the street lights. These were replaced by the "modern" lights that took place in the 1969 streetscape program. The current lights are "retro" falling back to this preferred lighting plan.


As you walk up Main we’ll let you window shop for Christmas. We think the unknown photographer took this photo because the bank time and temperature is frozen at 1 degree.


We were originally confused at setting the time of evening this photo was taken, but it’s our opinion that the low temperature played tricks on the town hall clock. We don’t think is it 7:40 p.m.

But, on the other hand, perhaps it's 7:40 a.m. After all, that look's like a bread truck in front of the meat market.


On the positive side, a large sign hanging across Main Street, points to free parking, in the large municipal lot that was under development at this time.



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