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Jacob and Barbara Wahli Moser

Special focus on Rev. John and Anna Lehmann Moser

This column features the Jacob and Barbara Wahli Moser family, with a special emphasis on one of their sons, who became Rev. John Moser.

Jacob Moser was born Nov. 24, 1793, in Rudersvil, Switzerland, to Peter and Barbara Ramseyer Moser. He married Barbara Wahli born Aug. 31, 1802, in Bolligen, Switzerland, on March 6, 1819, in Bevillard, Canton Bern, Switzerland.

The couple came to America in 1821 with one daughter, Mary Ann, and settled in Wayne County, Ohio. Their family eventually grew to nine children.

Jacob Moser Born: Nov. 24, 1793, Ruderswil, Switzerland Died: Sept. 12, 1870, Wayne County, Ohio

Jacob’s father: Peter Moser (1750-1858) Jacob’s mother: Barbara Ramseyer (1755-1807) Married: March 6, 1819, Bevillard Bern Switzerland

Spouse: Barbara Wahli Born: Aug. 31, 1802, Bolligen Switzerland Died: Nov. 15, 1889

Barbara’s father: Ulrich Wahli (1764-1840) Barbara’s mother: Elizabeth Ramseier (1764-1807)

Children of Jacob and Barbara Wahli Moser

Mary Ann Moser Born Sept. 2, 1819, Oberant, Canton Bern, Switzerland Died: May 27, 1903, Bluffton Spouse: Rev. Ulrich Steiner

Katherine Moser Born: Dec. 28, 1821, Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County Died: Nov. 15, 1865 Spouse: Christian Herr Spouse: John B. Amstutz


Rev. John Moser Born: Aug. 2, 1826, Sonnenberg, Wayne County Died: July 10, 1908, Riley Township Buried: St. John Mennonite Cemetery

Spouse: Anna Lehmann Born: Aug. 2, 1828, Sonnenberg, Wayne County Died: May 20, 1876 Buried: St. John Mennonite Cemetery

Rev. John Moser, was selected minister in the Swiss congregation in 1853. He served at Ebenezer Mennonite an also at the new St. John Mennonite Church, built in 1888.

Rev. John Moser served as minister and bishop for over 55 years in both churches. He died at age 81 on July 10, 1908. His obituary, appearing in the Pandora Times, July 10, issue, reported: “The funeral at the St. John church Sunday forenoon at 10 o’clock was no doubt the largest ever held here as 500 persons, by actual count, could not gain admittance, there were also 385 rigs there by actual count to convey those who wished to do him his final honor.

Anna’s father: Hans Lehmann (1794-1839) Anna’s mother: Elizabeth Lehmann (1797-1882)

Children of Rev. John and Anna Lehman Moser:

Daniel Moser Born: No. 17, 1852, Riley Township Died: Feb. 10, 1919 Spouse: Elizabeth Augsburger

Elizabeth Moser Born: Feb. 27, 1954, Riley Township Died: July 4, 1930 Spouse: Peter P. Schumacher

Sarah Moser Born: Sept. 5, 1855 Died: Aug. 12, 1890, Carroll County, Indiana Spouse: Noah Hilty

Barbara Moser Born Nov. 20, 1856, Riley Township Died: Oct. 22, 1929 Spouse: Peter B. Hilty

Fannie Moser Born: July 21, 1858 Died: 1931, Berne, Indiana Spouse: John H. Steiner

Noah Moser Born: Feb. 14, 1860, Riley Township Died: Dec. 20, 1938 Spouse: Lydia Schumacher

Jacob Moser Born: May 4, 1861 Died: 1946, Oregon

John J. Moser Born: March 7, 1863 Spouse: Heidi Bohl

Anna Moser Born: Oct. 5, 1865 Died: May 9, 1948, Fortuna, Missouri Spouse: John P. Loganbill

Samuel Moser Born: March 1, 1870, Missouri Died: July 16, 1946, Fortuna, Missouri Spouse: Clara May Loganbill

William J. Moser Born: 1872 c


Returning to the children of Jacob and Barbara Wahli Moser

Abraham Moser Born: June 12, 1830 Died: Aug. 17, 1832

Katharina Moser Born: May 8, 1832 Died: Aug. 9, 1896

Elizabeth Moser (She and her husband John U. Amstutz will be featured in next week’s column) Born: June 7, 1834, Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County Died: Nov. 30, 1915, Richland Township Spouse: John U. Amstutz Spouse: Peter Luginbuhl

David J. Moser Born: June 7, 1836 Died: Jan. 31, 1905 Spouse: Magdalena Lehman Spouse: Anna Tschantz

Deacon Jacob J. Moser Born: Oct. 18, 1840, Sonnenberg, Wayne County Died: Jan. 21, 1922, Wayne County Spouse: Verena Fannie Welty

Abraham J. Moser Born: Sept. 28, 1845 Died Oct. 28, 1912 Spouse: Caroline Welty


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