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One of Ruby Beery Murray's first, first grade classes

It's 1928. Herbert Hoover is elected president president. Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie. The Winter Olympics take place in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Maurice Ravel premieres his Bolero. The United States approves construction of the Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover Dam.

And, here are Bluffton first graders in 1928.

Ruby Beery Murray stands beside her first grade class at the Bluffton elementary school in 1928.

Front from left, Dorothy Burkholder Victory, Milton Badertscher, Fred Bronson, Dorothy Tripplehorn King, James Martin and Mary Ellen Burkholder.

Second from left, Richard King, Wayne Luginbuhl, Paul Greding, _____, Robert McCune _____, and Maurice Balmer.

Top from left, Fred Fritchie, Jr., Patricia Zimmerly, June Ream Klingler, Donald Lehman, Donavin Dunbar, Dorothy Garmatter Houts, Homer Gratz, Jr., and Janet Young Matter.


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