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Suddenly it's 1908 and the coffee shop doesn't exist

In its place is Hauenstein's drug store at 101 S. Main St. Let's go inside and take a look around

Let’s walk into a familiar Bluffton business today – except that we’ve moved the calendar to 1908. The building was about 15 years old when this photo was taken. It’s 101 S. Main St., today known as The Twisted Whisk Café and coffee shop.

In our comparison photo from 115 years past, we’ve just entered Edgar Hauenstein’s drug store. Hauenstein is on the left and two employees stand behind the counter on the right.

The light fixtures are scarcely 10 years old, as the Bluffton power plant began operating in the late 1890s.

Based on the pharmaceutical bottles on the shelves, it’s a certain guess that drugs were mixed together while you waited.

Our attempt to look closer in the glass cases doesn’t allow us to enlarge items very well, but we’ve enlarged several sections of the photo for today’s viewers to examine.

While today’s business bears no resemblance to the 1908 scene, it is interested to observe that today we find bare brick walls in fashion. We double if any businessman in his right might would have permitted that in 1908.



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