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When Bluffton had flower shows

Entries covered the entire Founders Hall floor

We go through organization cycles, don’t we? Bluffton once had a square dance club, a ham radio club, a saddle club, several lodges and other now non-existence organizations.

Over the years interests changed, or the members simply grew older and died.

We now have Football Moms, Music Boosters, library book reading groups, exercise clubs and certainly an endless possibility of other special interest organizations.

We failed to mention gardening. There were once several garden groups. One for men and one for women. There was even one for youth. Now, let’s visit Founders Hall at Bluffton College in the 1950s.

You are viewing the Bluffton Men's Garden Club annual flower show. Quite honestly, it’s huge. If you look close enough Kermit Herr is probably somewhere in the crowd. He was a driving force in gardening in Bluffton.

During its day, this annual show could rival the entries in the Allen County Fair flower show.

Paul Diller took this photo and Jim Diller shares it with Bluffton Forever.



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