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When the trout derby was born

Sportsmen's Club and could be Lions

members cleaned up the Buckeye

This photo from the mid-to-late 1940s shows a number of people who helped when the Buckeye was first cleared off by the Sportsmen’s Club. It appears that some in this photo may represent the Bluffton Lions Club, or possibly both clubs

The timing of this photo may correspond with the first-ever Sportsmen’s Club trout derby, which took place shortly after World War II.


Identification is rather rough:

Front left: Bill Edwards, Fred Tschantz, Russell Lantz, Gene Benroth, Sam Stepleton, Wilbur Fish, Aldine Kohli, Jesse Manges, Spike Berry Sr., Roy Rogers, Wilbur Frantz, Gail Mumma, Albert Garmatter, Nelson Herr, Herb Rupright, Silas Diller, “Gourd” Rupright and Ralph Reichenbach.


Several men women and young boys are unidentified, as are the three men on horseback



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