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1897 warning to hog thieves

Don't steal any more of C.L. Turley's hogs

Here’s a 127-year-old joke that may take a second or two to soak in. Once you get it – look out.  How many varieties of this one have you heard? We think that after reading this, the thief was probably worried.


Jan. 21, 1897, Bluffton News – Someone stole and butchered one of C. Turley’s hogs one night last week from his home near Findlay.


All of Mr. Turley’s hogs have the cholera, and he says that if the one already taken does not kill he parties they may have another.


Editor’s note: The good news concerning hog cholera comes from It follows: Classical swine fever (CSF), otherwise known as hog cholera, pig plague (Schweinepest), or Peste Porcina Clasica, is a specific viral disease of pigs. It does not affect humans or other vertebrates.

Here's the story directly from the Bluffton News of Jan. 21, 1897



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