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1906: No spitting on the sidewalk

2023: Automobiles replace electric railroad

Some photos are worth one-thousand words. This photo (on the right) could rival War and Peace, containing slightly north of one-half million.

We’ll save viewers lots of time by offering highlights.

• Year: 1906

• Event: Bricking Bluffton’s Main Street for the first time

• Location: Looking south on Main

• Specifically: CNB on right side, Edward Jones on left

• Activity: Men bricking the street, posing for the photographer; check out bricks on sidewalks

• Sign of the times: On the far right side a sign reading, “No Spitting On The Sidewalk”

• Translation: Tobacco chewing men, hobbling out of saloons – if they could read, were put on notice

• Biggest surprise: A railroad track on Main Street

• Surprise number 2: A rail siding heading off to the left

(today’s walking alleyway between Shannon Theatre and Ten Thousand Villages)

1906 South Main Street Bluffton.

The scene today - The only building remaining from the 1906 photo is the Edward Jones building.

T'he photo below shows Main Street in Model T days - looking north

The photo below is from 1959 - looking north

Photo below is from 1961 - today's Edward Jones building is on the right

Photo below Main Street looking north in the early 1970s


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