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1963 Main Street make over underway

Can you identify this scene on Bluffton's Main Street?

This was North Main Street Bluffton in the summer of 1963.

You are looking at Curling Iron (Skelly Rexall Drugs), directly south of several buildings that are no longer standing. In their place is Kira's Flipside Grill. Peeking at you on the far right side is the PromoHits! building.

Older Icon views (65 and up) can tell us the unnamed buildings in this photo.

Notice the height of the sidewalk. When this photo was taken there was a step up from the sidewalk to the drug store.

And, anyone who wonders while the village took the time to address sidewalks on Main Street - take a look at the sidewalk and curb condition.

Have you identified the two girls crossing the street? (We can't)



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