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1983-84 Bluffton HS National Honor Society

With names like Gerber, Musser, Shelly,

Brunswick, Schweingruber, Herr and more

Meet the Bluffton High School Student Honor Society from 40 school years past.

Front row left, Brigette Herr, Sylvia Trost, Terri Gerber, Sandy Musser, Mike Yoder, Mary Steiner, Brad Shaffer and Mrs. Phillips (advisor).

Second row from left, Julie Shelly, Wendy Smith, Steve Brunswick, David Schweingruber, Steve Krehbiel, Ana Greavu and Julee Moser.

Third row from left, Niki Millager, Julie Kahle, Trisha Musser, Shari Benner, Kelly Stover, Marc Augsburger.

Fourth row from left, Susan Burkholder, Janine Friesen, Lisa Weidner, Adla Bazzy, Lynn Stechschulte and Mike Martz.



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