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'64-65 Pirates (and Beavers)

First team following Beaverdam High School's annexation into the Bluffton school system. This team had five Bluffton players and five Beaverdam players.

With the 2021-22 Bluffton High School boys' basketball team in the midst of a stellar season, we thought this is an opportunity time to look back at some earlier Pirate varsity teams of note. This is the first team featured in this series.

1964-65 Pirates From left, Tom Basinger, Jim McClain, Dan Carter, Greg Myers. Dave Travis, Tom Harvey, John Arnold, Steve Smith, Sam Reineke and Jim Dillman. Mark Covert is the coach.

As a first in this series, here is a "one-of-a-kind" Bluffton High School boys' basketball team. It's the 1964-65 season and is the first-ever for the combined school districts of Bluffton and Beaverdam. Interesting to note that there are five Beaverdam players and five Bluffton players.

Somewhere in the past the identity of a "Bluffton" student and "Beaverdam" student disappeared. But during the first few school years from '64 on, you were identified by one or the other community.

Mark Covert was the coach. This team finished 11-6, which was the finest overall showing since the 1957 team. This squad finished in a three-way tie for second place in the NWC.


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