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A century of girls' basketball at BHS

Actually we've traced the sport back to 1911 -

and perhaps it goes back further

It's 110 basketball seasons ago at Bluffton High School. Here's the BHS girls' basketball team junior varsity for that school year. That's what we'd call them today. In 1914 they were the sophomore team, as indicated by the "Soph 1916" on the basketball.

Girls in this team graduated in 1916, as this team photo was taken during the 1913-14 season.


Team members, from left are:

Faery Huber Adams

Linda DeWitt Sampson

Florence Lambert Nusbaum

Marie Lahr Stucki

Estelle Lugibihl Wollman

Lillian Woods McConaughey

Claribel Owens

How long ago was girls' basketball a sport in Bluffton. We know a team existed as early as the 1909-10 season. From the April 21, 1910, Bluffton News comes this story:

The Bluffton girls basket ball (sic) team will play an open game with the Woman’s Club basketball team at Lima.


Those expecting to play including the substitutes are:

Ruth Stauffer

Minnie Miller

Nellie Kauffman

Elva Moser

Nettie Moser

Corinne Kimmel

Louella Geiger

Martha Brandenburg

Reigh Brandenburg


And, this story from the Feb. 2, 1911, Bluffton News:

Bluffton’s lady basketball stars lost to Lima girls in a game at Lima. The floor had been previously waxed for dancing and the Bluffton girls were at a disadvantage. (Note the hometown excuse for the loss, a waxed floor.)


Playing for Bluffton were:

Martha Brandenburg

Reigh Brandenburg

Salva Steiner

Ruth Stauffer

Minnie Mueller

Nellie Kauffman and

Louella Geiger


As a note of interest, Reigh Brandenburg eventually became the girls’ basketball coach.

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Enlargements of the BHS sophomore team of 1914.


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