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A closer look at two iconic statements

On a physical level, these two statements stand at

the highest level of any such public messaging in Bluffton

The fountain of wisdom flows through books.
Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.

These statements may be engrained in the thoughts of Bluffton High School alumni in this sense…I know these phrases, but from where?

Could be these are subliminal thoughts, tucked away in your subconsciousness. Yet, they are real.

On a physical level, these two guiding statements stand at the highest level of any such public messaging in Bluffton, located on the two doorways on the Main Street side of the 1933 BHS wing.

Originally, the book message stood above the outside entrance of the Bluffton-Richland Public Library, which also served as the high school library. When the public library moved across the street the message remained at the school.

We once heard that a contest took place among early 1930-era high school students to select statements to go in these two locations. The search continues to uncover the truth to that fact.

In the meantime, here are close-ups of the two statements plus a few additional photos that may be stored in the file folder titled “BHS” in your adult mind.

Also included are a few views of the former main entrance to the 1933 wing.

Depending upon one's four-year experience in that enormous red brick building on the corner of Main and College, these statements should bring back an assortment of feelings and recalls to the viewers.


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