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A story...if only we could tell our great-grandparents

about the Great American Eclipse of 2024

Believe in coincidences? Ponder this one. Eighty-five years ago this month our Bluffton great-grandparents experienced a solar eclipse. It was on April 19, 1939.


The story from the April 13, 1939, Bluffton News stated that a partial eclipse of the sun will be visible in this area Wednesday of next week, approximately one-tenth of the area of the sun to be covered by the moon’s shadow.


Well, we finally have an story to top their story, if only we could do it. (Sort of a reversal of the idea that only our great-grandparents can tell us overwhelming stories they experienced. We have them beat on our eclipse story.)


In the meantime, here’s the 1939 story, experienced by an earlier Bluffton generation:




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