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Bluffton's connection to the 1906 earthquake

• 417 residents donate to Red Cross plea;

• John Althaus of Bluffton experienced the earthquake

Unknown to Bluffton residents today there exist at least two connections from this community to the San Francisco, California, earthquake. The earthquake occurred 118 years ago yesterday – April 18, 1906. 

It turns out that the one Bluffton native was in San Francisco during the ‘quake. That person was John Althaus. A story from the May 13, 1906, Bluffton News follows.


In addition, The Bluffton News reported that Bluffton residents donated a carload (railroad carload? It’s uncertain) of clothing and other provisions to the Red Cross to the earthquake victims.

The report stated that 417 residents contributed to the Red Cross plea for assistance. The value of the donations exceeded $800. That story from the May 6, 1906, News also follows.

Also reported was Bluffton Sunday school responses to the Japanese famine of 1905-06.

May 6, 1906, Bluffton News

May 13, 1906, Bluffton News

John Althaus of Bluffton experienced the earthquake

Historic photo of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake



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