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Classic with a capital "C"

Photo tucked away in a 1965 Bluffton HS yearbook

Yes, it's a classic pose. And, important enough to be spread over two pages.

Here's a photograph from the 1966 Bluffton High School yearbook. It was taken from above the entrance way to the old gym - believe it, once upon a time there was only one gym.

In our opinion, this photograph is a well-composed piece. It’s more than a simple snapshot. And, the models in the photo represent an interesting cross-section of student activities and attitudes. This photo wasn’t simply a “go to the cafeteria and grab a dozen students for a yearbook photo.” There appears to be a purposeful selection and composition to this scene.

We'll attempt an identification. (Viewers are always smarter than we are in these ID projects. We welcome viewer corrections.)

Bottom from left, Pat Benroth, Steph McCune, Terry Strahm, Becky Lehman and Carol Steiner.

Next row, James Augsburger, Jim Hilty, Sue Marshall, John Pannabecker, John Skelly and Ron Niswander.

Back row, Sue Bassitt, Willis Stemen (teacher), Judy Huchinson, Steve Stratton, Jim Heiks (sorry, Jim, we cut off your head), and John Arnold.


1 Yorum

24 Oca 2023

Guess the yearbook crew didn’t want to take a picture of the Class of 1965 because we were the 1st class that didn’t get to go to Washington DC for the Class Trip. That’s because Beaverdam High School students came to Bluffton and increased our class to almost a100 students. The school board decided that was to big of a class to go on the annual Class trip. So both Senior Classes from Beaverdam and Bluffton were denied a Class Trip they had been saving up for since there Freshman year. We still talk about the Class trip that never happened at our reunions.

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