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Here's all the players in the Dillinger bank robbery

This two-page map is part of the booklet "Four Guys Walk Into A Bluffton Bank"

You can put John Dillinger under your Christmas tree this month.

A 20-page, 5,000-word booklet telling about the Aug. 14, 1933, John Dillinger robbery of Citizens National Bank is now available at the Bluffton Senior Citizens Center, 132 N. Main St.

Fred Steiner compiled the booklet, titled “Four Guys Walk Into A Bluffton Bank…and the rest is oral history.”

This is the first time that the much of the material is in one collection. Among the features of the booklet is a two-page map spread. It shows the involvement of people who were on Main Street at the time of the robbery.

It also shows the escape route used by the robbers as they left town. The booklet includes several eye-witness accounts of the robbery. Copies are $10 each.

Persons who need copies to be mailed may contact Steiner at for mailing options.



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