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Here's the 1974 Varsity B

The guys who wore those red letter jackets

Here are members of the Bluffton High School Varsity B during the 1973-74 school year.

Front from left, Rob Ernsberger, Tony Gratz, Dave Simons, Tim King, Jeff Boehr, Mike Kleman, George Brooks, Jeff Hauenstein, Roger Watkins and Phil McCafferty.

Second row from left, Max McCafferty, Bruce Frick, Fred Wiess, Dave Stratton, Joel Dunifon, Brett Stratton, Delmer Nuzum, Tim Falk and Charles Sehlhorst.

Top row from left, Michael Flinn, Mark Phillips, Tom McManus, Brian Smith, Bill Sommers and Coach-advisor Bello.

Varsity B officers Mike Kleman, president; Dave Stratton, vice-president; Jeff Hauenstein, secretary; Roger Triplett, treasurer.


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