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Hey, gramps, what were the '60s like?

One way to answer this is to check out this Bluffton photo

If you want to know what the 1960s were like in Bluffton, but don't have a grandfather or father to ask, check out this photograph from an area college newspaper.

The cutline under this photograph reads "And so the Blulffton College's graduating class goes forth – prepared to meet the challenges of today's world."

If we are not mistaken that's a freshman beanie and our model (graduate) faces the front doors of College Hall.

Our western states' correspondent, T.R. Gratz, provides the commentary:

"My roommate was editor-in-chief and I was a page editor. That's neither he nor I in the photo but he took the photo and I was the lookout person.

"The administration went berserk.

"The following year when I was editor and wrote "F---" in an article and wrote columns about smoking pot and other generally subversive thing.s Robert Kreider threatened to remove me as editor.

"I lasted only until the end of fall semester anyway because Milt Edwards offered me a job at the Bluffton News replacing Frank Snare in spite of my antics on the Witmarsum.

Good ol' Milt. I liked him.



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