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How the I-75 overpasses were built

Photos reveal construction underway in the early 1960s

If you are curious about how the overpasses on Interstate 75 came to be, these three photo help explain the process.

The first photo shows Bentley Road before the current overpass existed. The second photo is an aerial view of the construction underway.

The third photo shows the overpass north of Bluffton at State Route 103. These photos were taken by Charles Hilty, Bluffton News editor, as these projects took place in the early 1960s. (Thanks for Mike Zimmerman for correcting our original identification of 103 as 235! There's a railroad track at 103, but none at 235.)

Diane Hilty Marshall made the following comments after these photos were posted: A crew foreman rented the house across the street from ours. He was a really likable guy with a heavy southern drawl who delighted in inviting us to join his family for dinner of fried brains. I was working as a waitress at Al Ingalls' old restaurant (before the new building was built) and daily served highway workers who could really spin some yarns!

After a close examination you will see that the northbound lane was completed but the southbound lane was under construction. This is because originally the northbound lane was a two-lane bypass of Bluffton on Route 25, prior to it becoming an Interstate highway.

Bentley Road before the overpass was constructed

Bentley Road overpass under construction - looking toward Bluffton

State Route 103 overpass under construction - looking east

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