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It's 1967 on Main Street Bluffton

But, what's going on in the building on the far right?

If you didn’t know better, you might wonder what town is shown in this photo. None of the buildings look familiar. But, it’s Bluffton, in 1967.


The photo was taken approximately in front of 107 S. Main St., today Brandon Blackford’s Edward Jones office.


From left to right:

• West Ohio Gas C “OMPANY” as the sign reads. It’s where you pay your gas bill

• Millager drug store

• Citizens National Bank, being remodeled


The gas company and Millager building were removed when Citizens National Bank expanded.


On the street are some classic Bluffton vehicles. The vehicle with the 540 YZ plate appears to be a 1965 Chevrolet Corvair. YZ identifies the vehicle as a plate purchased in Bluffton.


Across the street appears to be possibly a 1963 Dodge, probably a Pandora vehicle. We’ve tried to enlarge the photo, unsuccessfully in an attempt to identify the two young bikers.


That white four-door appears to be a 1963 or ’64 Ford, probably purchased from Bixel Ford in town.


But our favorite vehicle is that bluish-green 1951-era vehicle behind the white Ford. It would be a stunner in this year’s antique car show.




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