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It's a 1948 Barber-Green Model 522

The mystery creature removing snow

from Main Street in the early 1960s

This discussion might easily become a dull “boys with toys” piece. Despite that, here goes.


Late last week we posted a photo of snow removal along South Main Street from the early 1960s. We won’t bore you with details, simply click here for a refresher on what we gathered about that photo.


Now comes a new piece answering part of our puzzle. Bryan Lloyd, assistant village administrator, shares a 1948 advertisement of the Barber-Green fast, low-cost one-man snow removal (with the new Model 522 snow loader). The manufacturer was in Aurora, Illinois, today a west side of Chicago suburb.


The advertisement explains in detail what this equipment’s capabilities. For example, it converts to an all-weather bucket-loader at negligible cost.


And, the additional photo shows that the vehicle carrying the snow removal piece is an official part of the machine. The only difference with the Bluffton photo and the advertisement is that the Bluffton photo had what appears to be a spare tire attached.


Viewers comments are always welcome.



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