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It's the Ada passenger depot in 1902

Here's a 1902 photograph of neighboring Ada, Ohio's, Pennsylvania Railroad depot. The line connected New York City and Chicago with very fast service. Depending upon your point of view, not much or, quite a bit has change in the scene in the past 120 years.

The Ada depot still exists, as it was restored by the Ada community.Today, the railroad park also has a Pennsylvania Railroad caboose on display. There are still trains that pass through Ada. None are passenger trains and there is only one track today.

Today's freight trains run on the Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Eastern, (CFE), part of the Genesee and Wyoming rail group of short lines. The CFE runs from east Chicago at Tolleston, through Indiana to Crestline, Ohio. It includes 273 miles of trackage leased from CSX.



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