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Mixed grade of first and second graders

Ruby Murray's pupils during the 1951-52 school year

were member of the BHS graduating classes of 1962 and 1963

Ruby Murray taught a mixed grade of first and second graders during the 1951-52 school year.

The first graders are members of the Bluffton High School graduating class of 1963. The second graders are members of the BHS graduating class of 1962.

Front row from left, Jack Reichenbach, Rodger Benroth, Roger Badertscher, Gene Mathewson, Marvin Augsburger, Duane Kidd, Diana Cole, James Pursell, Nancy Luginbuhl and Pauline Kinsinger.

Middle row from left, Delores Shumaker, Richard Bucher, Larry Marshall, Doris Sehlhorst, JoAnn Hauenstein, Genie Wilch, Sam Reichenbach, Sharlene Lanning, Sharon Gratz and Ken Lugibihl.

Top row from left, Larry Moser, Steve Sutermeister, Keith Klingler, Jim Edie, Sharl Steiner, Lowell Niswander, Ray Ruggley and Gary Herr.

Second graders:

Larry Moser

Steve Sutermeister

Keith Klingler

Jim Edie

Sharl Steiner

Lowell Niswander

Ray Ruggley

Gary Herr

Larry Marshall

Sam Reichenbach

Gene Mathewson

First graders:

Delores Shumaker

Richard Bucher

Doris Sehlhorst

JoAnn Hauenstein

Sharlene Lanning

Sharon Gratz

Ken Lugibihl

Jack Reichenbach

Rodger Benroth

Roger Badertscher

Marvin Augsburger

Duane Kidd

Diane Cole

James Pursell

Nancy Luginbuhl

Pauline Kinsinger


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