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Florence and her pet rooster

Florence Hahn with butterfly bows poses with her pet

Florence Hahn and her pet rooster pose in this Will Triplett photo taken sometime around 1913 or 1914.

Florence was the daughter of Fred and Bertha Althaus Hahn and was a 1927 Bluffton High School graduate.

We do not know the pet’s name, but we’re certain it had one. Given that this photograph was perhaps a two- or three-second expose, Florence and her pet were probably rewarded following the photo session with something interesting to eat.

The hair bows are a nice touch. This style, mostly worn by teen-age girls during this era, was known as the butterfly bow – no explanation required.

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I love the photos and the story! Grandpa doesn't look very happy about being in the photo with his siblings. Was the photo of the four of them taken at their house? The flowers (roses?) are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! I don't ever remember seeing these photos.

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