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Their sport was softball

Triplett team went 16-1 in tough competition

Here are members of the Triplett softball team which concluded one of its most successful schedules in history for winning 16 of 17 games against some of the strongest competition in this area.

The year of this team is not certain, but is believed to be later than the 1945.

First row from left, Robert Burkholder, catcher; Bert Swank, infielder; Evan Anderson, infielder; Paul Eikenbary, infielder; Don Ream, catcher; Timer Spaeth, pitcher; Russ Gratz, outfielder.

Back row from left, Weldon Deppler, outfielder; Roger Berky outfielder; Maynard Geiger, pitcher; Robert Luginbuhl, outfielder; Fred Swank infielder; and Jesse Manges, manager.

Absent: Ken Moser, infielder; Norman Triplett, outfielder; and “Cubie” Basinger, outfielder.


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