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Today it's Steinmetz soccer field

Once upon a time Bluffton had its own electrical power plant and water plant - you are looking at it

Let's see, how old must you be to recognized this once-familiar Bluffton scene?

At least 60? The buildings and pond disappeared from our scene in the early 1980s.

Can you believe that at one time Bluffton had its own electrical power and water plant? You are looking at it. Imagine, our own power plant. And, our own (drinking) water plant

None of the structures or pond exists today.

These buildings were located on Harmon Road near where Poplar Street connects to Harmon.

Steinmetz soccer field sits atop this one-time pond. The buildings came down and today that area is part of the Steinmetz parking field.

The color photos below were taken by Paul Diller. His son, Jim, shares this photo with viewers.


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