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Two dozen Bluffton brushes with fame, plus some famous people who called Bluffton home

Or, what does Bluffton, Jimmie Doolittle, William McKinnley, Einstein, a former Mexican president and Phyllis Diller have in common?

What’s your brush with history? Over the decades it seems that Bluffton residents have met world leaders, persons of fame and notoriety in some of the most peculiar settings.

Here’s a sampling of some of those experiences. We’ve posted them in a very random order, stopping in the late 1950s. Adding to Bluffton’s brushes with history, tossed in are some people who called Bluffton home, and made a name for themselves in their own profession.

We can thank one-time Bluffton News editor Clarence “Ted” Biery for this information. He posted these stories in The News during his tenure as editor the 1914 to 1952.

Those featured in this story were part of an Institute for Learning in Retirement presentation, underway this month in Bluffton. Fred Steiner made this presentation.

Ted Biery is the guy who made each of these Bluffton connections while editor of The Bluffton News. You may not be aware of some of these former residents, but ready or not, here they are.

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