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Vance Street 54-year split image

If you only saw the right side,

we image it would be difficult to identify

Can you identify this street if you only saw the right side of this split-image photo? It’s Vance Street looking north from Cherry Street. The left side is the 2023 appearance. The right side it a late 1960s appearance.

Dick Boehr took the 1969 photo. And, you can even see his shadow. So, we took the same photo at the same time of day and caught our own shadow.

1969 photo

On the left side of the street is the Steiner Stock Barns, now home of Vance Street Apartments. On the right side is the iconic Eagle’s Nest. It served as a shoe repair and an assortment of other exciting businesses.Today is it home of Leiber's Garage

Further down the street is Urich’s IGA Foodliner. Today it is Community Market. Today’s store is twice the size of the Foodliner and the new addition is in the parking lot of the original store. Today’s parking lot was a vacant lot when this photo was taken.

Beside all the changes, here’s a great example how a curb and sidewalk changes the image of the street.

Dick Boehr's shadow was visible as he took this photo in 1969.

So, why not include our own shadow in the 2023 photo version.

Split image of Vance Street 2023 and 1969



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