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Was Wilford Geiger your teacher?

Then you will recognize him in this photo

If you attended Bluffton High School in the late 1950s or 1960s and took chemistry or driver’s education, Wilford Geiger was your teacher.

And, here’s an opportunity to see Mr. Geiger as a toddler.

With every hair in place, these three Geiger children pose for a portrait in 1912.

The three, from left, are Beulah Geiger Gooding, Wilford O. Geiger and Estella Geiger Pugh.

Back to Mr. Geiger: Remember in chemistry class, the clean-up message: “Don’t put the zinc in the sink?”

And, as a driver’s ed teacher, if the student driver stopped too far into the intersection, he would get out and clean the windshield. That’s because the student driver hit an imaginary pedestrian. It was funny, but the point was made.

He also had a method to keep unruly students in line. This worked by Mr. G. finding a pressure point near the student’s neck. Again, he achieved this in a half-hearted, funny way, that always worked. No one was hurt.

And, of course, who could forget his pep rally cheer in the old gymnasium prior to BHS homecoming.

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