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When coal powered Bluffton

One of many village smokestacks no longer standing

No way is this Bluffton.

Actually it is.

First, some hints. No one under 65 can identify this building. That means it was razed sometime in the 1960s.

With a smokestack like this, it must have produced lots of power for several buildings.

Too bad there aren't other clues in the photo, except for what appears to be a 1950 or '51 Chevrolet parked near the building.

Here's what we have: the Bluffton College coal-fired power plant. It was located on the Riley floodplain facing College Avenue. Founders Hall would be on the left and up the hill.

During its lifetime its smokestack family included the Woodcock power plant and the municipal power plant. We've not listed businesses or residences since they basically covered the town. And, we've not forgotten those large steam locomotives addicted to coal, passing regularly through Bluffton.



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