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Years before 45817 existed

Bluffton postmasters - photo taken in the 1930s

Six early Bluffton postmasters sat for this Will Triplett photograph in the 1930s.

This impressive group of men represent 66 years of postal service to the Bluffton community. During their eras the post office, was originally located in the town hall, then in early 1900 moved to Vine Street and later to the building housing Roots by Stratton's. Then, in the early 1940s the present post office building was constructed.

Each of these postmasters served their position prior to the construction of the current post office building.

They are, standing from left, Russell Day, (1898-1907), M.M. Murray (1924-1934) and Gibson Locher (1916-1924)

Seated from left, Henry L. Romey, (1894-1898) Andrew Hauenstein (1868-1871; 1877-1885) and George W. Lewis (1907-1916).

Bluffton postmasters

Originally established as Croghan in Putnam County

Daniel L. Goble, 1837?

Erastus Thompson, 1846

William McDermot, 1852

Changed to Allen County by 1854

Erasmus Thompson, 1854

Miles W. Vance, 1856

Erastus Thompson, 1861

Changed to Bluffton on Aug. 7, 1861

Erastus Thompson, 1861

Jacob Moser, 1864

Robert D. Murray, 1865

Abram Long, 1866?

Andrew Hauenstein, 1868

?Edwin Edsall, 1871

?John Martin, 1871?

Andrew Hauenstein, 1877

Milton G. Smith, 1885

John H. Patterson, 1889

William P. Bentley, 1890

Henry L. Romey, 1894

Russell B. Day, 1898

George H. Lewis, 1907

Gibson Locher, 1916

Maurice M. Murray, 1924

Edward R. Reichenbach, 1934

Ralph Stearns, 1956

Woodrow W. Little, 1965

Donald I. Gudakunst, officer in charge, 1975

Albert Callihan, 1976

Roger E. Neal, officer in charge, 1983

David L. Boisvert, 1984

Robert A. Schaefer, officer in charge, 1986

Cheryl L. Stacy, officer in charge, 1987

Mark D. Keisay, officer in charge, 1987

James A. Ribley, officer in charge, 1987

Jerry L. Burkholder, 1987

Gary S. Levitt, officer in charge, 1991

Barbar A. Spearman, postmaster, 1992

Michael R. Hoehn, 1995

Margaret Wray, 1998

Everett G. Collier, 1998

Danielle Laing, officer in charge, 2011

Darrell Von Sossan, 2012-2014

Several officers in charge from 2014-2017

Missy Lonsway, 2017

Jared Caprella, 201

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Can you do the pedigree of the Pandora Postmasters? Geraldine’s Dad Hiram “60” Basinger was one. They lived in the big house behind the post office. Last I knew, Geraldine Basinger DeMeo had moved from California to Maple Crest and her son Peter was at Freida House. And that’s another story of interest…how the two cottages got their names.

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