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115 Bluffton High School graduations ago

The class of 1909 poses for Will Triplett

From 115 graduations past, meet the Bluffton High School class of 1909. This was the 28th class to graduate from BHS.

Bluffton Forever sends congratulations to the Bluffton High School graduating class members of 2024. Checking our files, we’ve uncovered a photo of one of the oldest Bluffton graduating class.


During these early graduations, the commencement took place in the third floor of the town hall, which was the meeting location of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows lodge.


We know the names of the class members, but only a few of those members are identified today. While the official list of graduates numbers 17, this class photo shows 15 boys and 13 girls, or 28 class members. Our thought is that this is not a senior class photo, meaning several class members did not complete their senior year, which was not uncommon during this era. 

Class members identified are: • Estell Whisler Harris, second from left in the front row (white dress) • Zanna Staater Bay, fourth from left in the second row (white blouse with large ribbon) • John Spangler, top row, second from left

Class of 1909

Maggie Wise Hausman

Gladys Zehrbach Hofman

Lucile Dowling Doriot

Alice Mueller Settlage

Ruth Bixel Milhoff

Dean Lugibihl

Arthur Santschi

Paul Herrmann

Helen Kibler Bash

Albert Stettler

Harry Block

Estell Whisler Harris

Zanna Staater Bay

Bessie Burkholder

Elizabeth Hummon Short

Pauline Garau Heckathorn

John Spangler



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