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65 school years ago at Beaverdam HS

Lots of familiar last names including Simon, Herr,

White, Arnold, Bowers, Tripplehorn and others

Our next performance is by the Beaverdam High School girls’ chorus of 1958-59.

Sorry, but the yearbook did not provide first names, only initials.

Front from left, J. Arnold, K. Kellam, J. Bowers, D. Herr, W. White, S. White, S. Lamb, K. Downey.

Second from left, J. Eckenwiler, J. Harvey, P. Dunlap, R. Habegger, B. Simon, V. Williams,, M. Pratt, C. Parkins, K. Hutchinson, B. Mullett.

Third from left, G. Tripplehorn, L. Carter, J. Shafford, M. Mumper, S. Dunlap, R. Schick, M. Marshall, R. Palte, M. Lugibihl, M. Lutterbein, R. White, D. Rockhill.



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