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A 1925 plan for Bluffton College's growth

It included a seminary building,

an addition to Ropp Hall and a music building

The future seldom what is seems. Take Bluffton College’s 1925 projection for growth.


We’ve provided two images of this drawing. The first includes numbers the buildings and locations. The second is clear of numbers.


Here’s what the projection told us:

• Ropp Hall’s proposed addition eventually occurred in the 1960s with a completely different appearance.

• The proposed music hall became a reality, but not in its originally planned location. Instead, Bren-Dell residence hall was constructed where the music hall was originally intended.

• College Hall and a heating plant both existed in 1925. Today, the heating plant is gone and College Hall remains.

• While Witmarsum Seminary existed, the proposed building was never constructed and the seminary eventually closed.

• The clay tennis courts on the flood plain between Riley Creek and the proposed music hall no longer exists.

• Concerning Lincoln Hall, Science Hall and a gymnasium, only the science building remains, but it is repurposed. In place of Lincoln Hall is a new science building.  The gymnasium, called “The Barn,” was removed in 1949 when Founders Hall replaced it. The life expectancy of the science hall in this drawing is the next question.

• The track and field did exist in 1925. Today Neufeld Hall takes up the southern portion of the track, as a new athletic facility is now on the west side of Bentley Road.

1 - Ropp Hall with proposed addition

2 - Proposed music hall

3 - Tennis courts

4 - Witmarsum Seminary buildings

5 - College Hall

6 - Heating plant

7 - Lincoln Hall

8 - Science Hall

9 - Gymnasium 10 - Track and field


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