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A class with 35 6th graders in 1921

Marjorie Day (Basinger) taught this class,

which graduated from BHS in 1927

Meet the Bluffton High School class of 1927, perhaps as 6th graders – simply our guess because the background appears to be the old grade school –  viewers may have a different view. If we are correct, this photo is from the 1920-21 school year.


Marjorie Day (Basinger) is the teacher of this classroom with 35 students.


Front row from left, Justin Griffith, Donald Stratton, Kenneth Deppler, George Stultz, Gordon Smucker and Alverton Althaus.


Second row from left, Ivan Geiger, Edgar Chamberlain, George McGeorge, _____, _____,Stanley Basinger, LaMont Diller, _____.


Third row from left, Marjorie Day (teacher), Irene Kern, Beatrice Burkholder, Virginia Wise, Maureen Badertscher, Ella Again, Beulah Augsburger, Florence Hahn, Celia Hirschler, Bonnie Burkholder, Olive Locher.


Top row from left, Dorothy Quiring, Alma Motter, Louise Highway, Mae Murray, Opal Shifferly, Kathryn Fenton, Neva Bigler, Elvira Gratz, Josephine Geiger, Ivetta Rediger, _____.



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Do you have a picture of the BHS Class of 1922 & 1923?

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