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Bluffton's 1954-55 Kindergarteners

Mrs. Gratz's students in her private Kindergarten

Meet Bluffton youth in Mrs. Walter Gratz’s private Kindergarten in 1954-55. Students are members of the Bluffton High School class of 1967.

Although the photo was taken on the school steps, the Kindergarten took place in the home of Mrs. Gratz. Bluffton schools at this time did not offer Kindergarten.

Front row from left, Mrs. Gratz, Linda Triplehorn, John Schmidt, Robert Hilty, Kenneth Amstutz, Louise Weaver, Dick Huber and Timm Triplett.

Second row from left, Diane Kagy, Jayne Herr, Henry Burkholder, Judith Suter, Connie Anderson, Cheryl Jean Shields and Ann Augsburger.

Top row from left, Barbara Wingate, Jon Diller, Barbara Martz, Linda Jo Bender, Joy Morton, Daryl Shields,



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