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C.M. Doty, plumbing & Heating

But, where was your Bluffton business located?

Today we don't know

C.M. Doty, where was your Bluffton plumbing and heating business? We've forgotten your location.

Still, we'll offer some suggestions.

Passing the time away in front of this early downtown Bluffton storefront are several people who seem to be laughing.

From left are Pauline Hermann, Charlie Early, unidentified, Tutt McDowell, and Emil Kempf. After reviewing several Main Street building photos from the 1890s and 1900s, we can't determine the exact location of this business.

Of course, a meat market is next door, but which one, as there were several. By the 1890-1900 era the current brick buildings from the Presbyterian Church to the town hall were already in place. Also the buildings on the Citizens National Bank side of Main were also in place from the bank to today’s Curling Iron.

That leaves room for this business to possibly exist between the Curling Iron and Smith Realty. There’s also the possibility it could have existed on the Food Store side of South Main. However, at this time many of the building south of The Food Store were houses, not storefronts.

C.M. Doty, plumbing and heating, certain had a growing business, as Bluffton opened its water plant in 1896 and its electric plant in 1897. Had the telephone existed in Bluffton at this time – it had yet to arrive – Doty's phone may have been ringing off the hook.



Where is it? From the sun's shadow I say the photo was taken in late December. There are train rails, but I do not see any street lights or autos.

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