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Christian and Regina Neuenschwander Matter

This series also features David and Elizabeth Neuenschwander Stauffer family. One of their children, Regina, married Christian Matter.

Regina Stauffer was born Aug. 15, 1840, in Putnam County. She came from Adams County, Indiana, with her parents and married Christian around 1860. Christian was born March 18,1839, in Richland County, Ohio, and also came with his parents to Richland Township.

After their marriage Christian and Regina settled four miles south of Bluffton. Later they moved to Hardin County, but eventually returned to Allen County and purchased land in Section 23, Richland Township, two miles south of Bluffton.

They hewed a log home from the wilderness and remained there as a farm family. Later their sons, Peter and Henry, took over the farming operation.

Christian and Regina had 13 children with one child, William, dying in infancy around 1875. John W. married Sarah Amstutz and they had four children. Samuel S. married Sarah D. Carman and they had four children.

Daniel married Lizzie Jane Stratton and they had two children. Later, Daniel married Lillie Etta Stouffer Welsh and they had a son, Robert.

Arnold and Noah were twins with Arnold marrying Melinda Oberly and they had four children. Noah married Carolyn Kern and they had three children. Peter married Sarah Badertscher and they had five children.

Theophilus married Effie G Leeper and they had 10 children. Sarah married John A. Walker and they had one son, Lester. Anna Ellen married Joseph Gromann and they had five children.

Catherine married Gideon Oberly and they had three children. Henry married Mary Waltz and they had one son, Henry, and also raised a child, Helen Amstutz. Leona, the youngest, married Edward E. Good and they had three children.

Christian died at age 55. Regina lived to be 71. Both are buried in maple Grove Cemetery, Bluffton.

The family name Matter had reference to the Matterhorn Swiss Alps. Later, some families changed the spelling of their name to Motter.

Christian Matter Born, March 18, 1839, Richland County, Ohio Died: July 10, 1894, Richland Township Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery, Bluffton Occupation: Farmer at Hillville-Bentley Road, south of Bluffton

Christian's father: Samuel Matter (1808-1853) Christian's mother: Elizabeth Stettler (1812-1896) Married: 1860s

Regina Stauffer Born: Aug. 15, 1840, Putnam County Died: June 26, 1911, Richland Township Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery

Regina's father: David Stauffer, (1814-1880) Regina's mother: Elizabeth Neuenschwander (1816-1845)

Children John W. Matter Born: June 1860, Richland Township Died: July 23, 1917, Richland Township Spouse: Sarah Amstutz Married: 1862c

Samuel S. Matter Born: April 20 1861, Richland Township Died: July 13, 1927, Bluffton Spouse: Sarah D. Carman Married: 1892

Daniel Matter Born: Nov. 12, 1862, Richland Township Died: Oct. 15, 1929, Bluffton Hospital Spouse: Lizzie Jane Stratton Married: Jan. 9, 1887, Hancock County

Spouse: Lillie Etta Stouffer Welsh Married: July 8, 1903

Arnold Matter (twin) Born July 5, 1863, Richland Township Died: March 11, 1913, Perry Township, Allen County Spouse: Melinda Oberly

Noah Matter (twin) Born: July 5, 1863, Richland Township Died: May 11, 1929 Spouse: Caroline Kern Married: Sept. 29, 1892

Peter Matter Born: June 19, 1866, Richland Township Died: Aug. 12, 1944, Bluffton Spouse: Sarah Badertscher Married: Dc. 14, 1889

Theophilus A. Matter “Phil” Born: Jan. 24, 1870, Richland Township Died: Jan. 21, 1933 Spouse: Effie G. Leeper

Sarah E. Matter Born: March 3, 1872, Richland Township Died: 1930 Spouse: John A. Walker

Anna Ellen Matter Born: May 10, 1874, Richland Township Died: Nov. 6, 1946, Bluffton Spouse: Joseph Gromann Married: July 28, 1894

William Matter Born 1875 c, Richland Township Died: 1875 c, Richland Township

Catherine Matter Born: Aug. 14, 1878, Richland Township Died March 11, 1963, Ada Nursing Home, Ada, Ohio Spouse: Gideon P. Oberly

Henry Matter Born Jan. 2, 1881, Richland Township Died: Feb. 5, 1940, Bluffton Hospital Spouse: Mary Waltz Married: Feb. 12, 1905

Leona L. Matter Born: Oct. 20, 1889, Richland Township Died: Jan. 19, 1970, Bluffton Spouse: Edward E. Good Married: Aug. 20, 1910

Melinda Oberly, who married Arnold Matter, and Gideon P. Oberly, who married Catherine Matter, were brother and sister.


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