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110 years ago - an Amstutz reunion

Many familiar last names including: Bixel, Gratz,

Geiger, Winkler, Gerber and others

This gathering of relatives and friends at the P. B. Amstutz, home, one mile west and one-half mile south of Bluffton took place in the spring of 1914.

Seated on the lawn, from left, Waldo Hofstetter, May Hofstetter Bixel, Katherine Gratz, Mabel Amstutz Jones and Esther Liechty Dunbar.

First row from left, visiting minister and wife from Pennsylvania, Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Amstutz, Lucile Amstutz, Rev. and Mrs. W.S. Gottshall and Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Amstutz.

Second row from left, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Amstutz, Anna Hofstetter Geiger, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hofstetter, Lydia, Olive, Amos and Edwin Amstutz (sons and daughter of P.B. Amstutz and Dan Amstutz.

Third row from left. Mr. and Mrs. Mose Amstutz, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Amstutz, David Gerber, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roethlisberger and Jesse Lehman.

Standing on the porch from left, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Welty, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gratz, John Winkler, Hannah Gerber and Ms. and Mrs. Ephraim Amstutz.

According to P.B. Amstutz’s granddaughter, May Hofstetter Bixel, the reunion was held because Mr. Amstutz was to leave on the Allen Oriental Tour via the S.S. Martha Washington from New York.

Amstutz had for many years operated a sawmill and fork and rake factory at his home.

He was a deacon at Ebenezer Mennonite Church and wrote and edited “The Swiss Mennonite Settlement.” It was a book in German that has since been translated by the Swiss Community Historical Society. It provides the background of many Swiss immigrant families to the Bluffton-Pandora Settlement.

This photo was originally published in the Sept. 15, 1983, Bluffton News.


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