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Diving in ... the Buckeye

Six photos from the 1950s that may make you want to cool off in the Buckeye

Can you imagine swimming in the Buckeye? Lots of Bluffton residents 55 and older know the sensation of plunging in the quarry. In case you are doubtful, here are a half dozen photos expressing the Buckeye feeling.

Paul Diller took this photos in the late 1950s - based upon the style of women's swim suits. Diller, a photographer of many Bluffton scenes was also a member of the village park board, which oversaw the Buckeye.

The Buckeye had a high, medium and low diving board. Here's a kid going off the medium board.

The Buckeye had plenty of room to relax without feeling that crowded sensation of the current pool.

This view from the high dive shows the "baby" pool on the right plus the other pool that went from 3 to maybe 6 feet.

Looking at the pool from the bank near Marsh Run.

Here's a swimming lesson underway.

This photo shows the construction of the pool and the wall dividing the Buckeye from the above ground pool.


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Jul 07, 2023

Awesome Fred, I remember the Buckeye Very well, lots of good times in the old Quarry! I really like the picture of the guys building the pool area. Thank You

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