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Ebenezer women's SS class in 1890s

Members last names included Diller, Bixel, Althaus, Geiger, Augsburger, Bucher, Amstutz, Gratz - probably related to half of the Bluffton school district

A young women’s Sunday school class at Ebenezer Mennonite Church posed for this photo taken in the 1890s.

Front from left, Sarah Diller (Mrs. Peter Nusbaum), Mary Bixel (Mrs. Eli Diller) and Madeline Althaus.

Second row from left, ________ Bixel, Mary Althaus, Mary Geiger (Mrs. Eli Bixel) and _______

Third row from left, Lavina Augsburger (Mrs. Menno Burkholder), Fanny Bucher, _________, Elizabeth Bixel (Mrs. Dan Basinger).

Four row from left, Mrs. Phillip Amstutz, Sarah Geiger (Mrs. Albert Althaus), Katherine Bucher (Mrs. Peter Gratz.


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