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Emanuel Lugibill family

The information in this column is provided by Carol Koontz Heath. She is the great-granddaughter of Emanuel Lugibill, granddaughter of Linda Lugibill and daughter of Joe Koontz.

This is the first column in this series of a family with the spelling Lugibill. Its focus is on Emanuel Lugibill who was married twice. First, to Magdalena Conrad. Following her death he married Anna Elizabeth Trummer.

Emanuel was the son of Christian S. Lugibill and Catharina Stauffer. Christian was born in 1802 in Mulhouse, Alsace, France. He died in November, 1876.

Catharina was born in 1819 in Alsace, France, and died in 1872. Both came to America and are buried in the Old Swiss Cemetery in rural Blufton.

Emanuel Lugibill Born: March 25, 1849 Died: July 11, 1911, Bluffton Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery First spouse: Magdalena Conrad Born: Sept. 14, 1860, Stark County, Ohio Died: Jan. 2, 1883, Allen County Buried: Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery Emanuel and Magdalena married: Nov. 28, 1878, in Wayne County, Ohio The couple had two children

Emanuel and Magdalena’s children

Clara Lugibill Born: Feb. 25, 1880, Bluffton Died: July 5, 1962, Reno, Nevada Buried: Masonic Memorial Gardens, Reno Clara’s spouse: Noah J. Welty Born: Nov. 8, 1871, Bluffton Died: April 10, 1959, Reno, Nevada Buried: Masonic Memorial Gardens Clara and Noah were married Feb. 21, 1905 The couple had no children

Edward K. Lugibill Born: June 21, 1881, Bluffton Died: Sept. 1, 1948, Bluffton Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery

Edward’s spouse: Alice H. Lambert Married: May 21, 1901 Born: Oct. 16, 1877, Bluffton Died: July 3, 1964, Lima Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery

The couple had three children: Edward Earl, 1902-1981 Margaret Roda, 1905-1992 Frieda Magdalena, 1914-1963

Emanuel and Anna Elizabeth Trummer Lugibill

Following Magdalena’s death Emanuel married Anna Elizabeth Trummer. The couple had three children.

From the ship’s record “Westerland,” dated Sept. 24, 1890, it states Anna was born May 10, 1866, in Canton Bern, Switzerland.

Emanuel and Anna were married sometime between 1890 and 1893. Anna died on July 24, 1918, in Bluffton, and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Emanuel and Anna’s children

Linda Lugibill Born: May 9, 1894, Bluffton Died: Aug. 17, 1992, Bluffton Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery Linda’s spouse: Jasper Orland "Jap" Koontz, Sr. Married: Sept. 2, 1911, Rawson, Ohio Born: Sept. 11, 1889, Beaverdam Died: March 28, 1930, Kiefer, Oklahoma Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery

The couple had six children: Rolland Edgar, 1915-2000 Cleah Eileen, ­­­1918-2000 Mary Elizabeth, 1920-1990 Jasper Orland (Joe), 1922-2001 Lillian Irene, 1924-2013 Jackson Warren, 1926-2008

Linda's second spouse: Frank Scott Dray Born: July 23, 1889, Vienna, Ohio Died: March 18, 1975, Hancock County, Ohio Buried: Clymer Cemetery, Mount Cory, Ohio The couple had one child: James Scott Dray, 1933-2003

Alice May Lugibill Born: Nov. 16, 1895, Bluffton Died: Feb. 14, 1988, Chula Vista, California Buried: Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Oceanside, California

Alice's spouse: Charles Henry Boutwell Born: Sept. 17, 1886, Hancock County, Ohio Died: May 8, 1983, Daytona Beach, Florida Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery in Bowling Green, Ohio The couple was married June 13, 1912, Allen County; and later divorced

They had 11 children:

Clara Madeleine, 1913-2007 Eddyth Adeleine Abt, 1915 - date of death not known Edward Wade, 1916-1995 Charles Wayne, 1917-1991 Clair Emanuel, 1919-1988 John Olen ,1921- date of death not known Anna Jeane, 1922-2012 Kent Morris, 1924-1968 Dwight Leon, 1924-2006 Merlin E., 1927 - date of death not known Amaryllis Charlene, 1927-2008

Frederick Lugibill Born: Dec. 12, 1898, Bluffton Died: June 14, 1953, Anthony, Kansas Buried: Forest Park Cemetery, Anthony, Kansas. Spouse: Married Violita No other information is available

Carol adds that the Swiss side of her family lives near the Putnam County line while the German (Koontz) side lives across the Hancock County line around State Route 103.


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