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Fill 'er up at The Swiss Inn

South of Bluffton at Gratz Crossing

This is the Dixie Highway, or “old” U.S. 25, south of Bluffton, in 1944. It was a brick highway when this photo was taken. This building is a gasoline station and restaurant.

Can you identify the location today?

It’s location was once called Gratz Crossing. Today it is simply the intersection of Phillips Road and Dixie Highway. It’s where Phillips crossed Interstate 75 on an overpass.

But, when the photo was taken Phillips Road crossed the Dixie Highway (today it dead ends about one-quarter mile south of this location). Phillips also crossed the Nickel Plate Railroad, which at the time had several fast freights at two passenger trains daily.

Harry Wingate owned the business, called The Swiss Inn, which included Sinclair gas (leaded only). You can see three pumps in the enlargement below.

Below - vintage Sinclair gas pump


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