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It's October the Alpha Gamma Club

Bluffton's finest dresses up for party

This was an Alpha Gamma event and "come as you are" was not an option. This group included many of the movers and shakers of that era and left a marvelous and indelible legacy that remains quite evident to this day. Bluffton would not be the same without these folks. It’s October 1950. The party was at the Richland Grange, destroyed in the 1965 tornado.

Front from left, ____, Stanley Basinger, ____, Dr. B.W. Travis, Don Patterson, Man, Harold Balmer, Jim West.

Row 2 - ____, Richard Davies, Carolyn Basinger, ____, Eloise Travis, Kate Patterson, Mary Emma Triplett, Ropp Triplett, ____, Ann Balmer, Isabelle West, ____.

Row 3 - Norm Triplett, Marge Triplett, Vernice Davies, ____, ____, ____ (behind Ann Balmer), ____ (behind Isabelle), ____ (behind Isabelle).

Row 4 - ____, Earl Lehman, Mrs. Earl Lehman, Ethlan Rice, Ed Rice, Kathryn Bell, Maurice Bell, Mrs. Si Diller, Si Diller.

Row 5 - Lloyd Van Meter, Kate Little, Wilford Steiner, Janette Bixel, Mable Steiner, ____, Dr. F.D. Rodabaugh, Joann Niswander, Lois Rodabaugh, ____, ____,____, ____, ____.

Row 6 - Kate Van Meter, Woody Little, Richard Bixel, Dick Boehr, Dean Niswander, ____.



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