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John Ulrich Amstutz and Katharina Amstutz

This column’s focus is on John Ulrich Amstutz, a farmer and tradesman, whose farm was located on the south side of the Allen-Putnam County Line Road, just east of where the Suter Morning Star Cider Press is today.

On his farm, John U. had a jewelry shop, clock shop, cider press, cane press for sorghum and a machine shop. He was also an undertaker and made over 400 coffins in 43 years.

A different column in this series features the story of John Ulrich, written by Herman Hilty, originally published in the December 1988 issue of Mennonite Life.

John U’s first wife, Katharina J. Amstutz Amstutz, died in 1884. The couple had five children. Katharina is buried in the Old Mennonite Cemetery.

John U. then married, Elizabeth Moser Luginbuhl, also a widower. She was first married to Peter Luginbuhl and they had no children.

Elizabeth was one of nine children born to Jacob and Barbara Wahli Moser. Click here to view that family, previously featured in this series.

John U. and Elizabeth had no children. They are buried in the Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery.

------------- John Ulrich Amstutz Born: April 8, 1832, Dere Schosz Blumber Church Switzerland Died: Feb. 14, 1919, Richland Township Buried: Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery

John U.’s father: Ulrich A. Amstutz (1777-1855) John U.’s mother: Barbara Klay (1789-1884

Spouse: Katharina J. (Amstutz) Amstutz Born: April 5, 1827, Sonnenberg, Wayne County Died: Sept. 10, 1884, Richland Township Buried: Old Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton

Katharina’s father: John B. Amstutz (1799-1865) Katherina’s mother: Verena Lehmann (1801-1850)


Children of John Ulrich and Katharina: Noah Amstutz Born: Feb. 23, 1857, Richland Township Died: Dec. 4, 1893, Allen County

Anna A. Amstutz Born: Feb. 2, 1859, Richland Township Death: July 15, 1911, Allen County Spouse: John Winkler

Marian A. Amstutz Born: Oct. 8, 1861, Richland Township Died: Jan. 27, 1933, Allen County Spouse: Carl W. Roethlisberger

Samuel A. Amstutz Born: July 9, 1864, Richland Township Died: Nov. 27, 1926, Allen County Spouse: Fanny Schnegg

Barbara Amstutz Born: Dec. 6, 1868, Richland Township Died: June 9, 1958, Richland Township Spouse: Solomon S. Welty


John U. Amstutz second marriage Elizabeth J. Moser Born: June 7, 1834, Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County Died: Nov. 30, 1915, Richland Township Buried: Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery The couple had no children


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